Digital Makeover

Source Files :


1. open up the picture , duplicate it and go to Filter >> Blur >> Smart Blur, match my settings and click ok.

2. Duplicate the picture again and set the layer to Soft Light

3. Make a new layer, select the blush & lipstick color from color palette by Eyedropper tool. Select the soft round brush of size 100px and do something like the pic below and set the layer to Overlay :

4. Now make another new layer and zoom up the picture & start coloring the lips with the same color which we used for blush & set the layer to overlay ,like so;

5. Create new layer , select Black as foreground color and color under the eyes & set the layer to Overlay ;

6. Now let’s work on eyes.Create another new layer and use color palette for eyeshadow & do as shown in the image ans set the layer to overlay ;

7. Install Eye Lashes brush and use the lashes of your choice. If lashes doesn’t fit use the warp tool [Edit>>Transform>>Warp] to bend & adjust the lashes.

8. Make new layer, select color Black and draw lines around eyes & set the layer to Overlay ;

9. Make a new layer again , select the eyebrow color from color palette and color the eyebrows & erase it accordingly .Then set the layer to overlay ;

Here’s the Final Product ;

Video Tutorial

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