Glitter Text using Glitter Fills

Okay, so lets get started :)
Open a new canvas of any size and type your text (don’t worry about the color)

now duplicate the text layer two times and make top two layers invisible by clicking on the eye & choose d bottom layer

now open up the glitter fill & make top layers invisible & choose d bottom layer , then go to Edit>>Define Pattern & save it. Repeat the procedure & save all layers of the glitter fills as pattern.

Now, come back to your text, right click on the bottom layer & go to Blending Options >> Pattern Overlay ,select the first pattern which u saved & click OK . Repeat the same procedure for all three layers .

To preview the glitter text , go to Windows >> Animation and duplicate the current frame twice.

Now click on frame 1 & make first layer visible & other invisible then click on frame 2 & make second layer visible & other invisible and so on. Click on the play button in animation to view your text & save it.

Here is my result :

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