Scarlet Blend Tutorial

Source Files :


Open a new canvas File >> New & apply these settings :

Paste the texture

Now paste the wallpaper

Select the eraser tool [ round (size- 400px & hardness- 0px) ] and erase some part of the wallpaper as shown in d pic below :

Make a new layer , set ur foreground color to white & background color to skyblue (). Then go to Filter >> Render >> Clouds. Now, erase the center part :

Apply Scarlet image and erase the parts which are not needed :

Set the image layer to overlay & duplicate it to brighten up the image

Now duplicate the layer & set it to Normal. Then go to Edit >> Transform >> Flip Horizontal. Press Ctrl+t and resize the image :

Make a new layer , select round brush [size-400px & hardness-0px].Then make color orbs using dark colors

Now, set the orbs layer to Liner dodge.And you’re Done

Here’s the final result

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