Sunset Dream Blend Tutorial

Source Files:

1. Open a new canvas by using the settings shown below :

2.Fill it with dark grey color & paste the sunset wallpaper (transform it to fit the canvas).

3.Select eraser tool (Settings : round, size-400px, hardness-0px) & Erase the boundary part :

4.Now make a new layer.Set background color to black & Foreground color to da804f. Then go to Filter >> Render >> Clouds

5.Set the clouds layer to Overlay

6.Paste the model picture and erase the part u dont want :

7.Now, duplicate the layer & go to Edit >> Transform >> Flip horizontal. Then press Ctrl+t and resize the image:

8.Set both picture layers to Lighten.Then paste the wallpaper & drag layer below picture layers

9.Select eraser tool and erase the unwanted part

10.Now, paste the flower stock & set the layer to Lighten

11.Repeat Step-7 and YOU’RE DONE!

Here is the Final image

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